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  Provides section area of intestinal obesity that causes many diseases from life style
Edema index tells you the condition of disease, nutritional deficiency, and fatigue.
Dual muscle graph by parts to show each part’s physical strength, which is a unique feature of InBody. 
  Great accuracy that correlation coefficient with DEXA, the standard equipment for body composition analysis is higher than 0.98
Confident technology to provide impedances and reactance value by parts and frequencies
High reproducibility through the world first 8-point touch electrode method 
  Checklist per items tells you necessity of health management easily
Selection of result sheet for different purpose is available (body composition / exercise – nutrition / body type / result sheet for infants and teenagers)
Enhanced user interface through ergonomic design and high resolution Color TFT LCD
Test result’s storage capacity is up to 700 different IDs.
Selection of test time is available (for research / diagnosis)

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